About Us

Our roots

Traditional independent pharmacy values are at the centre of all that we do. Owned collectively by 1200 independent pharmacists the group of 21 Avicenna Pharmacies exists to provide first class patient care to our local communities.

We're not like other pharmacy chains

We dispense far more than just medicines - we offer plenty of health care advice too! It’s not unusual for our staff to know patients by name and for them to go out of their way to help them, not just with their medicines but with lifestyle advice and support for those with long-term conditions. We’re happy to help with all sorts of healthcare issues including weight loss, smoking cessation and how to better manage your medicines. Don’t be shy, talk with us about your health.

What's in a name?

Many people are interested in our unusual name. We have borrowed it from a 15th century great Persian thinker, a medical trailblazer of his time. One of his main passions was understanding health with this thoughts culminating in the writing of The Canon of Medicine which was reprinted as recently as 1973. His forward thinking compassionate outlook is something we take inspiration from and we hope that these values filter through to the top quality service that we offer our patients today.

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